CIC Sessions & Workshops
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SYTAR 2015 Offerings on Thursday:

Common Interest Community Sessions & Workshops

An important part of the conference, these afternoon sessions offer a special opportunity to explore key topics. The following programs are scheduled on Thursday, June 4 from 1:30 to 5:00 pm. Registrants are invited to select one of the programs to attend.

Common Interest Community (CIC) Sessions

The CIC’s model the TED Talks, in which experts get 20 minutes or less to share their unique program/technique/practice concept. Click here for more information.

Interested in submitting a proposal to give a CIC presentation? The call for CIC presentations opens the week of January 12th. Proposals will be accepted through February 23rd. See each CIC session below for submission information.

Session 1 - Rehab Professionals: Bridging the Past with the Future Co-chairs: Staffan Elgelid, PT, GCFT, PhD and Matthew J Taylor, PT, PhD

Conventional rehabilitation professions make a natural bridge to yoga therapy in our physically oriented culture. Join members of the rehabilitation professions (OT/PT/SLP/RD/RT, etc) that are incorporating yoga therapy into their practices, and all yoga therapist/teachers that interact with rehabilitation professionals as they share ideas and form community to connect the various professions. In the three and half hours, you’ll hear six peer-selected short presentations on how to most effectively build bridges via rehabilitation relationships. Topics will include best practices, innovative collaborations, new models of care, and how to interface effectively between the yoga world and conventional rehabilitative medicine. You will also have a chance to make connections with the other attendees, build long lasting connections with like-spirited colleagues, and participate in planning how to maintain the group beyond the meeting time. Coming together in community, we leave connected and better prepared to help bring forth the best possible future.

Click here to submit a presentation proposal for CIC Session 1 - Rehab Professionals


Session 2: Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health
Co-Chairs: Julie Carmen, MA, LMFT, E-RYT 500, YTRX and Michael Lee, MA, DipSocSci, E-RYT 500

Michael Lee and Julie Carmen co-chair this CIC, dedicated to exploring the art and science of Yoga therapy in the arena of professional mental health disciplines. Explore the two-way street where mental health issues and conditions are considered in yoga therapy and where therapeutic yoga practices are integrated into mental healthsettings. Join members of the mental health professions who incorporate Yoga therapy into their work and Yoga therapist/teachers who support students and clients in mental health settings, as they come together to share ideas and to build a professional learning community.

Click here to submit a presentation proposal for CIC Session 2 - Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health


Thursday Afternoon Workshop Sessions

Applications of Ayurveda for Yoga Therapy
Arun Deva, DASc, AYT, E-RYT 500, YTRx Hansa Knox, LMT, E-RYT, IAYT Accreditation Committee Chair, & Devi Mueller, CAS, MAyu, AP

The profound sciences of Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda can bring greater efficacy to our practices when united. This session will be an interactive exploration to broaden key concepts of Ayurveda in a practical way for yoga therapists to assimilate on a deep and useful level. Through visual evaluation and guided inquiry we will identify subtle variances that Ayurveda can help us use to increase the effectiveness of the treatment plan. Dividing into small groups, attendees will have opportunity to give input and receive guidance that we will then share in summary for the whole. We will specifically explore how to fine tune variations in therapy so that you can more accurately pin point and individualize treatments for heart disease, low back pain, and anxiety/depression.

Suffering and Awakening
Janice Gates, past President of IAYT

From the spiritual perspective, a crisis, a diagnosis, a loss, can be a powerful doorway to awakening.Rather than being an obstacle - something to overcome, to fight, to fix – our suffering can actually wake us up to deeper truths. It can get us to question, who are we really? Why are we here? And what is our purpose? In this session we will explore the relationship between suffering and awakening and learn practical, potent tools for supporting others on that deeper journey of yoga, illuminating how our deepest suffering can lead us to our greatest freedom. Includes in-depth practices, lecture and discussion.

The Morris-Payne Yoga Therapy Evaluation Method
Larry Payne, PhD, YTRX, Rick Morris, DC, YTRX, and Kyona Beatty, POLY, YTRX

Yoga Therapy is here to stay. It is imperative that a standardized form of documentation and communication exists between the health and wellness fields.The Morris-Payne Yoga Therapy Evaluation is the first concise and user–friendly method specific to Yoga Therapy to achieve these goals.

Now in it’s revised form presented on a DVD and manual. The MPYTE provides reliable clinical information for Yoga Therapists in assessing the health of body, breath and mind. It also demonstrates the efficacy of Yoga therapy treatment in a clinical setting and was used as one of the tools at the Simms/Mann Venice Family Clinic by the first Yoga Therapy interns. Participants will learn how to apply the techniques during in depth practice session, lecture and discussion.