Certification Policies & Procedures
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IAYT Certification Policies and Procedures

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Administrative Procedures


Since it was established, IAYT has been engaged in a coordinated effort to support yoga therapy in becoming a broadly accepted professional practice—one that contributes profoundly to individual health and healing, and is capable of playing an important role in a variety of wellness and healthcare environments. A cornerstone of IAYT’s efforts has been the development of high educational standards for yoga therapy training, and the creation of an accreditation process for yoga therapy training programs and a certification process for individual practitioners. The primary aim of this self-regulatory initiative is to promote high quality yoga therapy education that produces safe and effective practitioners.

Certification of individual practitioners is an important factor in the acceptance of an emerging field like yoga therapy. Prospective clients/students and employers alike need a way to identify qualified yoga therapists, and that is precisely what certification provides. Likewise, yoga therapists are recognizing that IAYT certification will help to play a meaningful role in diverse therapeutic settings.

IAYT is committed to providing a certification process for individual yoga therapists that is internationally respected by yoga therapy practitioner and educators steeped in the yoga tradition, recognized by practitioners from other healthcare fields with whom yoga therapists work in partnership, and ultimately trusted by patients who seek the benefits that yoga therapy has to offer.

IAYT certification, as evidenced by the C-IAYT credential, provides a means of identifying yoga therapists who meet or exceed an established set of standards. It is also a quality control mechanism that provides a public stamp of approval to highly trained yoga therapists. Additionally, through continuing professional education requirements for maintaining certification, IAYT will ensure that IAYT-certified yoga therapists stay current in and build upon their skills and knowledge in order to maintain a leadership role in the integrative health movement.

The IAYT Certification Policies and Procedures provide a reference for yoga therapists who are interested in applying for C-IAYT status and for yoga therapists who have been granted the C-IAYT credential. Among other things the policies and procedures contain the requirements for maintaining certification and guidance to the Certification Committee in reviewing and making decisions on certification applications submitted by IAYT members in a fair and timely manner. Any yoga therapist who is interested in applying for or who has been granted IAYT certification should read these carefully in order to be familiar with the policies and procedures that pertain to them.

Any questions or comments regarding these policies and procedures should be directed to the Certification Committee Manager via the Contact Us link on the IAYT website.