Faculty and Mentor CVs and Resumes
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Documentation of Faculty/Mentor Qualifications

The accreditation application requirements include submission of either a CV (curriculum vitae) or a resume for each faculty member and mentor. The Accreditation Committee expects you to follow accepted business standards in the creation of these documents.

For the purposes of the IAYT accreditation application, key elements of a CV/resume include the following:

  • Formal education
  • Relevant education and training in yoga and yoga therapy and/or the topic you are teaching
  • Relevant experience as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist and/or the topic you are teaching
  • Relevant teaching experience in yoga, yoga therapy, and/or relevant fields
  • Relevant workshops presented in yoga, yoga therapy, and/or relevant fields
  • Relevant publications in yoga and/or yoga therapy

The CV or resume must highlight the skills and experience that qualify the faculty member to teach in the yoga therapy program, showing that she or he has well-established expertise and experience in the course(s) she or he is teaching. Include training, certification(s), and/or diploma(s) received. Also, the document must reflect at least two years of practical experience in the person's area of expertise.

Possible headings for a CV or resume could include the following:

  • Name and Contact Information
  • Key Skills
  • Certificates and Memberships
  • Education and Training – include the name of the program, subject, and/or area of concentration, institution, location, dates, and completion award (eg, diploma, certificate)
  • Employment/Teaching Experience – include job title, location, dates, and key responsibilities
  • Workshops/Presentations
  • Publications