IAYT Accreditation
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Information about the IAYT accreditation process:

IAYT accreditation is a voluntary process designed for IAYT member schools who seek accreditation of their yoga therapy training programs. Eligible programs must be able to meet the IAYT Accreditation Standards for Yoga Therapist Educational Programs. These standards were originally developed in 2013 and most recently have been revised in 2019. 

Before starting the Accreditation Process, it is highly recommended that a potential applicant begin with a Pre-Application Readiness Assessment developed by IAYT  as a self assessment tool. 

About the Process

The IAYT accreditation process is rigorous and requires both readiness and commitment. IAYT offers structured support to member schools while maintaining a fair and objective accreditation process.

The accreditation application requires both data and information and the review process examines all information in detail. 


Applications for accreditation will be accepted under the 2019 Standards beginning in January 2020. More information on the process will be updated beginning in July 2019, and documents will be made available on this website. If you need information that you do not locate on this website, please use CONTACT US to submit an inquiry to the Accreditation Team.  


IAYT Accreditation Application
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