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Membership in IAYT is an important part of developing as a yoga practitioner and a great way to become more knowledgeable and involved in the yoga and yoga therapy communities. 

IAYT provides a range of benefits, resources and networking opportunities for individuals and organizations taking part in the yoga community. As a leading voice for yoga therapy around the world, IAYT is in a unique position to support your growth as a practitioner and keep you informed on the dramatic changes taking place in the yoga world relative to health care and wellness, etc. 

If you are serious about yoga and its growing role around the world, join IAYT today!


Denial or Revocation of Membership

IAYT’s mission is to establish yoga therapy as a recognized and respected profession. Promoting responsible and ethical behavior on the part of yoga therapists and yoga therapy training programs is at the heart of our mission. While IAYT membership is generally available to any individual or organization that meets IAYT’s membership criteria, the IAYT Board of Directors reserves the right to deny or revoke membership in situations where there is reliable evidence of egregious action on the part of an individual or organization that is incompatible with responsible and ethical yoga therapy practice and instruction.