LHCPs and IAYT Certification
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IAYT Statement on the Practice of Yoga Therapy by
Licensed Health Care Practitioners (LHCPs)

A concern has been expressed by some licensed health care practitioners who use yoga therapy with clients that the IAYT yoga therapist certification may limit what they can do under their own scope of practice, or may in some other way adversely impact their ability to engage in their profession. IAYT yoga therapist certification is not intended to limit, regulate, or prevent any licensed health care practitioner from practicing within their scope of practice as defined by the laws regulating that profession, and we do not anticipate any problems arising in this regard. On the contrary, IAYT believes that yoga therapy can be effectively integrated into a variety of health care professions.

It should be noted, however, that IAYT has no control over whether a professional licensing board may raise an issue with a licensed health care practitioner who incorporates yoga therapy into their professional practice. For example, some state medical licensing boards have raised issues with MDs employing alternative medical practices such as homeopathy. If a practitioner has any concerns about utilizing yoga therapy under their professional license, IAYT encourages the practitioner to seek appropriate legal counsel.

For further information and clarification, please see the updated Scope of Practice.

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