Letter of Intent
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Letter of Intent to Apply for Accreditation of a Yoga Therapy Training Program

Thank you for your interest in IAYT accreditation of your yoga therapy training program!

The IAYT accreditation process is rigorous and requires the submission of a significant amount of data and documentation. IAYT Accreditation Program staff and the Accreditation Committee are committed to providing applicants with support through the process, starting with the submission of a Letter of Intent (LoI) to apply for accreditation. The Letter of Intent may only be submitted during a submission periods:

  • There are no more LOI submission windows in 2018 
  • There will be one LOI window in late 2019, following the release of the revised 2019 Standards planned for mid year. Applicants will be required to submit an LOI and application that reflects the 2019 standards. These standards will build on the 2017 standards. You will then be able to submit a completed application in early/mid 2020, tentatively. 

To submit a LoI, you will need to upload the following documents using the templates provided:

In order to submit a LoI, you must use these templates as designed, providing the information in the format in which it is requested. If you submit a LoI and do not use these templates as described above, your LoI will be returned to you unread and you may not be able to re-submit the LoI until the next submission period. If you have difficulty using any of the templates, please contact the AccreditationDepartment using " CONTACT US" on the IAYT Website.

Please follow the instructions below for using the document templates and submitting a completed LoI. Once your LoI has been received, Accreditation Program staff will review your documentation for completeness and contact you with a status update. 

Instructions for Using the Document Templates and Submitting a Completed LoI

  1. Download a copy of each template by clicking on the document names above.
  2. Complete each form by entering the requested information in the spaces provided.
  3. Rename each form using the following naming conventions:
    • Program Overview:  Program_Overview_SchoolName_Month_Year
    • Syllabus Sample:  Syllabus_Sample_SchoolName_Month_Year
    • Resume for the Program Director:  PD_Resume_SchoolName_Month_Year
    • Practicum Description:  Practicum_Description_SchoolName_Month_Year
  4. Save each form as a PDF.

  5. Next you will register to submit your LOI and pay the submission fee.
  6. Once you have paid the fee, a link to the LoI form will be made available to you on the confirmation page and in the "Thank You" that will be emailed to you.  Be sure to open the link and bookmark it and/or save the "Thank You" email so you have the link when you are ready to upload the completed forms.

  7. Click on the link and complete the form on the submission page.