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Looking to Renew?


How to Renew Your Membership

  1. Sign in to the site using your username and password.
  2. If your membership is due for renewal, you will see this link: "Securely renew your membership now.” Click on the link to begin the renewal process.

If your membership is not yet due for renewal, click on "Membership Information” under "My Profile" in the right rail. The date through which your membership is active will be listed here.

Remember: If you're also a Member School, you have a separate username for this membership.

Please Note: If you don't remember your username or password, Contact Us in the Membership office and we’ll send your information to you within two business days.

Members with an Online Only Subscription to IJYT and YTT
We encourage you to add the print editions of these publications to your membership. For a nominal fee—$15 for US members/$35 for non-US membersyou can have the pleasure of sitting down in any favorite reading spot and with IJYT or YTT in hand!




For your convenience, auto-renewal has been activated to make your future dues payments simpler. This feature ensures that your membership stays active so you don't miss out on any membership benefits. Once you pay your dues the first time, a record is set up to automatically charge your card each year on your membership due date.

At any time during the year, you can update the card kept on file for auto-renewal or you can opt out of auto-renewal altogether.

To opt-out of auto-renewal, Contact Us today.

Please Note: Auto-renewal is active for General and Supporting individual memberships.


Money Back Guarantee

Whether you choose to keep your membership on auto-renewal, IAYT's money back guarantee is always available to you. If you're not satisfied with your membership at any time during the year, we'll refund your membership fee!