Recertification Overview
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C-IAYT Recertification Overview

Achieving C-IAYT certification demonstrates the mastery of specific core competencies including knowledge, skills and abilities required within a Yoga Therapist professional practice, therefore the focus of C-IAYT recertification is to maintain the core competencies and advance the professional growth and development of each C-IAYT.  To that end, each C-IAYT is required to recertify every 3 years.

Recertification Policy

  • Maintain your annual IAYT membership (at the general, supporting or patron level).
  • Read and understand/agree to abide by the IAYT Code of Ethics, Grounds for Disciplinary Action, Scope of Practice, Use of the C-IAYT Credential and Certification Service Mark, and the Continuing Education Requirements.  These can all be found on the Certification Policies and Procedures page.
  • Submit at least 24 hours of IAYT approved continuing education within the 3 year period. 
  • Pass the online IAYT Ethics & Scope of Practice Quiz (2 CEs) -  for first time C-IAYTs.
  • Pass new online IAYT Ethics & Scope of Practice trainings (2 CEs) - for subsequent recertification. (available by December 2020).

Once your recertification is approved, your new certification will be valid for another 3 years. You will be assigned a new C-IAYT Recertification Next Expiration Date and your continuing education requirements will reset for the next three years.

Note: If your C-IAYT Recertification Next Expiration Date passes, you will have 60 days in a Recertification pending status. If you have not registered and applied within 60 days, your status becomes Recertification expired and you must pay a Reactivation Fee prior to completing the recertification registration and application.

To view your current CE credits:

- Sign in to your member profile

- Go to Manage Profile

- Scroll down to Contents & Features

- Click on Professional Development

- Click on Journal Entries to see your CE details


Fees for C-IAYT Recertification

The following are the fees pertaining to C-IAYT recertification: 

The non-refundable fee for C-IAYT recertification is $130 payable at the time of application. The recertification will be good for three years.

If your C-IAYT Recertification status is expired you are required to pay a $55 reactivation fee prior to registering and applying for recertification.

Click for Definition of Recertification Terms and Examples


Take a moment and watch this video for a great overview of the value of IAYT Certification!