Apply for C-IAYT Recertification
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Steps to Apply for C-IAYT Recertification 

Review your readiness for Recertification

a. Go to your Member Profile and review that the continuing education (CE) requirements for recertification are complete.  You are required to have a minimum of 24 yoga therapy-related CEs including 2 CEs for passing the IAYT Ethics and Scope of Practice Quiz

- Sign in to your member profile

- Go to Manage Profile

- Scroll down to Contents & Features

- Click on Professional Development

- Click on Journal Entries to see your CE details

b. Review all applicable C-IAYT Policies and Procedures. You will be asked to attest to them as part of the recertification application. 

c. If you have completed all of the above and your C-IAYT is due for recertification you can proceed to register and complete the application.

Note: It is OK to complete your recertification up to12 months early (prior to your recertification month). Your recertification date is based on the month that you were originally awarded your C-IAYT credential.  Your next recertification date will remain in this month (add three years for each cycle).  See definitions of terms and examples below.

Recertification resets your continuing education requirements, which if done early, will add those extra months to your next CE cycle expanding the time you have to complete CEs for the next cycle.  CEs must be earned within the particular cycle you are in. 

Step 1: Register to apply (pay) for Recertification

The first step in the two-step recertification process is to register to apply for recertification by paying the non-refundable $130 recertification fee and you will then be emailed a link to complete the online recertification application. Register to apply here.

Step 2: After paying, complete the online Recertification Application

After you register you will be emailed a link to the Recertification Application.  Follow the instructions for completing the online Recertification Application.

Sample Recertification Application Form with Detailed Instructions

Your Recertification Application will be reviewed

C-IAYT Recertification Application Forms are reviewed in the order they are received. Please allow 30-60 days to hear back from the Certification Team.

If Approved, You Can Access Your New C-IAYT Certificate

If your recertification application is approved you will receive an official letter by email.  You will be able to access a digital copy of your new Certificate from your member profile with the new C-IAYT Recertification Next Expiration Date. You can download and print your certificate, put it in a frame, and mount it on your wall as evidence to clients and others of your active certification through the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Note: Paper certificates are available for $25 USD. Use Contact Us to request.

You will also continue to enjoy your C-IAYT benefits including the IAYT Service Mark to use on your website and marketing materials.

If More Information is Needed for Recertification

If your recertification information is incomplete, for example you have not met the CE requirements, you will be notified by the Certification Team and requested to submit the missing information prior to approval. 

If You Miss Your C-IAYT Recertification Next Expiration Date

If your C-IAYT Recertification Next Expiration Date passes, your Recertification Status will be changed to pending. You must apply for recertification within 60 days after your C-IAYT Recertification Next Expiration Date. Once approved, your new C-IAYT Recertification Next Expiration Date will be 3 years after your most recent C-IAYT Recertification Next Expiration Date.

If your C-IAYT Recertification Next Expiration Date passes and you do not apply for recertification within 60 days, your Recertification Status will be changed from pending to expired.  Once your recertification has expired you are required to pay a Reactivation Fee of $55 before you can register and apply for recertification. Once you pay the reactivation fee you can then follow the steps for applying. If your application is approved, your new C-IAYT Recertification Next Expiration Date will be 3 years after your most recent Recertification Next Expiration Date. During this expired status you do not have C-IAYT benefits. 

Definition of Recertification Terms and Examples

Once you have registered you will receive a Thank You with the link to the application.  SAVE the Thank You email.  You can return to your application using the link in that email.