C-IAYT Continuing Education Requirements
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C-IAYT Continuing Education Requirements & Submission

C-IAYT recertification is required every 3 years.  To be eligible for recertification you must:

Maintain your annual IAYT membership.
Submit at least 24 hours of IAYT approved continuing education within the 3 year period.
Pass the online IAYT Ethics and Scope of Practice Quiz (2 CEs) - for first time C-IAYTs.                Pass the new online IAYT Ethics and Scope of Practice trainings (2 CEs) coming in 2020 for subsequent recertification.

Continuing Education (CEs) reset when the C-IAYT recertification is approved.



To view your current CE credits:

- Sign in to your member profile

- Go to Manage Profile

- Scroll down to Contents & Features

- Click on Professional Development

- Click on Journal Entries to see your CE details


Continuing education hours can be acquired through a variety of sources, including: 

Attendance/Participation directly with IAYT:

  1. Participating in the IAYT conferences, (SYTAR and SYR), will count up to 22 and 15 continuing education hours respectively. These hours are awarded automatically once attendance is confirmed.
  2. Passing the IAYT Ethics and Scope of Practice trainings.  The online IAYT Ethics & Scope of Practice Quiz is required of all new C-IAYTs and new online Ethics and Scope of Practice trainings will periodically be updated for subsequent recertification.  Upon passing these trainings 2 CEs will be awarded automatically.

Completion of an IAYT Approved Professional Development (APD) Courses:

IAYT Approved Professional Development (APD) courses for continuing education are listed here.  Each of the APD courses has been pre-screened and meets the competency requirements for C-IAYT recertification. These courses also have the advantage of easy submission of CE credits.  Once an APD course is completed you can return to the course listing and click on a link there to post the CE credit to your profile.

Attendance/Participation outside of IAYT:

The following are the types of training, participation, and activities that may be submitted online for individual approval by IAYT.  Note: Effective in mid-2020 there will be a review fee for all non-APD submissions.

  1. Completing courses and workshops that support one or more of the competencies identified within the IAYT Educational Standards for the Training of Yoga Therapists. These can be found on the website under the Education>Professional Development heading. 
  2. Teaching yoga therapy courses or workshops that support one or more of the competencies (contact hours only).  ONLY the first case of teaching the course/workshop may be submitted for consideration.
  3. Hours spent in individual clinical supervision with a mentor or in peer supervision groups with a mentor that support one or more of the competencies.
  4. Any American Red Cross (or international equivalent) CPR course will count as one continuing education hour (1 CE).

Additional Information About Future Plans

Initial requirements for C-IAYT Continuing Education were set when the IAYT Certification process began in May 2016 and have been reviewed and updated in July 2019.  These requirements allow broad acceptance of credits as long as they are aligned to the IAYT Educational Standards for the Training of Yoga Therapists.   

The preferred method of meeting IAYT Continuing Education is through the APD courses.  We anticipate that the continuing education requirements for subsequent C-IAYT recertification will be revised in the future.

Submitting Current CE Information