SYTAR2014 Video Purchase
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Conference Videos are Available!

Videos of the plenary sessions of SYTAR 2014 and SYTAR 2013 are available for very reasonable fees from our partner, StudioLiveTV.

We have had incredible presentations from many leaders in our field at SYTAR, and now we finally have a web based means to review and study them again. Pricing is simple. $10 / single lecture, $119 /12 months lecture subscription. The 12-month lecture subscription series may be especially suitable for yoga therapist training programs. Click here is the link to our dedicated SYTAR "channel”.

You will be able to preview each selection before you purchase. You will have to create an account so you can actually make a purchase.

For any technical difficulties, please click here to contact StudioLiveTV directly.

Please Note: All revenues are split 50/50 between StudioLiveTV and IAYT. This is an experiment to help us preserve and share the key presentations at our conferences.