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For Schools

IAYT has started a careful and formal effort to develop educational standards for the training of Yoga therapists. Following the structure and process discussed at the 2009 Meeting with Schools, IAYT has established an Educational Standards Committee.  This committee, chosen from volunteers from IAYT Member schools, is charged with developing recommendations to the IAYT Board about entry level standards for the training of Yoga Therapists and related issues. Recommendations are due by July, 2011. Anyone may follow and IAYT members may contribute to this discussion on IAYT's Digital Resources Library, in the Group, "Member Schools and the Educational Standards Committee."   

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For Practitioners

Since currently there are no recognized standards for the practice or Yoga therapy or the use of the term, "Yoga therapist", IAYT encourages members who describe themselves as a Yoga therapist to fill out their professional profile to provide summary of what they do, including special skills or areas of expertise, plus information on their experience, training and education.

For more information on these issues, contact John Kepner, IAYT's executive director.