Yoga Therapy Today - Winter 2019
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Those just beginning the practice may think of yoga as a means of relieving stress or obtaining a healthier body, but of course it’s so much more. Our theme this issue gets to the heart of yoga—its ability to help us flawed humans transform ourselves and our systems in ways both large and small. For beings enmeshed with a universe that’s always on the way to becoming something else, the scaffold of yogic practices is immeasurably helpful. Yet working within a society that prioritizes expedience and objectivity can challenge yoga therapists determined to address all elements of a client’s biopsychosocial-spiritual experience. First, the practical: Our Yoga Therapy in Practice section covers the validated PROMIS tool for clinical measurement and offers advice from an accountant who wants to help you classify your yoga therapy business correctly. Science for the Yoga Therapist invites reflection on what we think we know about interoception, and Michael Lee’s featured article is a thought-provoking take on the idea of practicing “yoga for” this condition or that one. The issue also includes an interview with another beloved teacher, Srivatsa Ramaswami, plus reports from IAYT’s own transformational conference, the Symposium on Yoga Research, and much more.

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