Grandparenting of Yoga Therapists Is Now Closed
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IAYT Grandparenting of Yoga Therapists

  • If you are a practicing yoga therapist interested in being a C-IAYT, not attending an accredited program, and did not apply for certification while grandparenting was available, we would like to know more about why you did not apply.  Providing feedback via the survey will also help us decide how we might open up an alternative path to IAYT certification in 2018 for well qualified individuals.

Grandparenting refers to a process in which someone with the specified experience and expertise in a particular profession is granted certification along different pathways than others entering the profession. The grandparenting process usually begins just after a profession starts to certify practitioners and is limited to a prescribed period of time.

As a field develops standards, grandparenting is typically addressed in a generous way, respecting original training, continuing education, and experience. 

The IAYT grandparenting process developed is similar to that of other emerging complementary and alternative medicine professions. 

Beginning in 2014, IAYT invited comments from all members on serveral versions of draft guidelines for grandparenting.  Grandparenting opened in May of 2016 with a one-year window.  It closed on June 30, 2017.

Two pathways were created for grandparenting eligibility:

• Grandparenting Pathway 1

  • Yoga therapists with at least 300 hours of formal yoga therapy training, a 200-hour teacher training program, and at least 150 hours of yoga therapy experience.

Grandparenting Pathway 2: 

  • "Seasoned” yoga therapists who may not have graduated from a 300-hour program, or indeed any formal training program at all, but began practicing as a yoga therapist prior to January 1, 2008 and have at least 700 hours of sustained yoga therapy client contact hours across the years of practice.

For another review of the process and preparation recommendations, see Aggie Stewart’s article in the Winter 2015 Issue of Yoga Therapy Today, Steps to Certify and Board Charge to Certification Committee.