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Contents of Back Issues

May - August 2005: From the Editor • From the Director • On Chikitsâ-Krama: Some Notes and Observations from a Course by Srivatsa Ramaswami, including Application to Bronchial Asthma, by David Hurwitz • Pain Management for Injured Workers, by Julia Payne, R.Y.T. • Effects of a Yoga Intervention as a Supportive Therapy in Arthritis, by Manoj Sharma, M.B.B.S., C.H.E.S., Ph.D. • Annual Psychotherapy Networker Symposium Acknowledges Yoga Therapy, by Amy Weintraub, M.F.A., R.Y.T. • News • Networking • Reviews • Research • Yoga Therapy Programs

January - April 2005: From the Editor • From the Director • Thai Yoga Therapy™ for the Neurologically Involved Client, by Ann Airey • What Yoga Therapists Need to Know about Ayurveda and Kinesiology, by Mukunda Stiles • Yoga Therapy in Ireland: The Yoga Therapy and Training Center, by Marie Quail • News • Networking • Reviews • Research • Yoga Therapy Programs

September - December 2004: From the Editor • From the Director • Yoga Helps the Medicine Go Down©: Yoga Cikitsâ for Cancer Patients, by Vivian Richman • Teaching Yoga in a Medical Setting, by Susan Krantz • Questions and Answers: • Nausea from doing fish pose (matsyâsana) following shoulder stand (sarvângâsana) • Help for contracted hands resulting from brain injury • News • Networking • Reviews • Research • Yoga Therapy Programs

May - August 2004: From the Editor• From the Director • Adapt. Adjust. Accommodate. Teaching Yoga in the Hospital Setting • Yoga and the Feldenkrais Method® • Yoga and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) • Questions and Answers: Tamoxifen, blood clot risks, and âsana practice; Safe and unsafe Yoga practices for young children; Which side you lead with in âsana practice (cont'd from previous issue) • News • Networking • Research Summaries • Yoga Therapy Courses and Conferences Subscription to the newsletter is a benefit of membership in IAYT.

January - April 2004: From the Editors • New Leadership for the International Association of Yoga Therapists • From the IAYT Director • Yoga for Children with Special Needs • Dolphin Club—The Art of Oneness • Yoga After Breast Cancer Program™ Using Svâdhyâya Yoga™ • Questions and Answers: Why Do You Lead with the Left Foot or Left Side in Standing Âsana? • News • Networking • Reviews • Research Summaries [includes an article summarizing recent studies on Yoga at Jawaharlal Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), Pondicherry, India] • Yoga Therapy Courses

May - August 2003: From the Editors • Kundalinî-Yoga Therapy • The Combination of Yoga and Art Therapy and Their Effect on the Perception of Body Image: A Pilot Study • Yoga Injuries: The Real Problem • Questions and Answers: What are the Benefits of Yoga for Infants? • News • Reviews • Research Summaries • Yoga Therapy Courses

September - December 2003: Not published due to relocation of our center.

January - April 2003: From the Editors • Dharma Yoga: The Shape of Spiritual Maturity [combines Hindu and Buddhist approaches] • Yoga and the Healing Journey: From Sexual Abuse to Wholeness • The Role of Yoga at Work: Key to a Healthy Workplace • Karma-Yoga at the Cape School [research on and rewards of teaching Yoga to adolescent girls in juvenile detention] • Questions & Answers: Prânâyâma: Can It Be Dangerous?; Burns and Yoga Therapy • News • Reviews • Research Summaries [includes a descriptive list of in-progress NIH (NCCAM)- and CDC-funded Yoga-related research] • Yoga Therapy Courses

September - December 2002: From the Editors • Facing Difficulties • Yoga Therapy and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder • Yoga Therapy: Road to Resiliency. Helping People Heal in the Wake of Terrorist Attacks • Questions & Answers: Osteoporosis and Asana Practice; Neck Pain • News • Reviews • Research Summaries • Yoga Therapy Courses

May - August 2002: From the Editors • Letter from Georg Feuerstein, Founder-President of YREC • Reflections on Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and Psychotherapy • Extra Gentle Yoga for Fibromyalgia • Stroke Patients: Excellent Improvement through Therapeutic Yoga • Yoga Therapy and Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy • Medical Emergencies in the Yoga Classroom Survey • Questions & Answers: Prânâyâma; Hypothyroidism; Headstand and Hypertension • News • Reviews • Research Summaries • Yoga Therapy Courses

January - April 2002: From the Editors • The Yoga Perspective on Pain, Mental health, and Euthanasia • Yoga and Traumatic Events • Hip Flexibility • Questions & Answers: Flexibility • News • Reviews • Research Summaries • Yoga Therapy Courses