New to Zoom? Tips for Meeting Online

You will save time and effort if you download (free) Zoom ( to your device (computer, tablet, or phone) before the meeting.

Once you click on the link to join a meeting, you will be asked how you would like to connect.  You can choose a computer (or device over the internet) or via phone.   

  • Joining via computer (or device over the Internet):  If you have low bandwidth, stay in audio-only mode and do not turn on your video.  You will still hear everything, but the quality of sound should improve.  If you have good bandwidth, you may show your video.  (Click on the video camera in the bottom right hand corner of your Zoom window.) 
  • If you decide to join via phone, your quality (audio and video) will depend upon your phone provider.  

You have a choice between Speaker View (your screen will show who is speaking) or Gallery View (where you can see folks in attendance).  On a computer, the choice is in the top, righthand corner of your screen. On a phone or iPad, simply swipe the screen. You might want to switch from Speaker to Gallery later in the meeting.  

You will come into the meeting muted. If you have a question during the meeting, you can enter it into the Chat option at the bottom of your screen. The hosts will monitor the screen and recognize you as soon as possible and appropriate. You can also use the Chat option to contact the hosts during the meeting.