C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapists

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yoga therapists who have received the certification as a C-IAYT, enter the city and/or state/province to find a listing by area.  You can also enter a first and/or last name to find a specific person in your area. 

New names are added as applications are approved, so check back regularly!! 

The IAYT Certification Team would like to thank all of you who have documented your professional service as a yoga therapist and applied for C-lAYT. 

NOTE:  Due to system limitations, only 1,000 members can be displayed at the same time.  Since there are now well over 3,000 C-IAYT certified members, you will need to enter at least one of the elements in the search fields below to narrow the results to meet the system requirement.  There are over 1,000 C-IAYT members in the United States alone, so if searching the US, be sure to enter a state or first digit or two of the zip code as well for the areas you are searching.

If you believe that someone you are looking for has not been listed and should be, you can Contact Us so we can research the issue and assure all eligible members are in the list.

(Search Tip:  Choose your country and then a drop down list for "Location" will be available so you can select your state or province.  You can enter just the first two or three numbers of a postal code to filter for your area.  Since there are over 1,000 certified members in the United States, you will need to add an additional search factor to assure you are seeing everyone in various areas.)

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