Accredited Programs by Location

All accredited programs undergo a rigorous accreditation process, but their approaches and student experience are unique. IAYT strongly recommends that students take considerable care in finding the right yoga therapist training program for them, which may not be with the nearest school. Read IAYT executive director John Kepner's 7 tips for choosing a training program.

IAYT has made every effort to ensure that program locations are accurate and current, but please double-check this information directly with the schools; you can access their websites from their profiles. Some schools offer online and/or distance-learning components, and some programs may be available in multiple locations.

The field "Accredited Program Location(s)" enables you to search by city and/or state/province. If your search returns no results, broaden your search to the Country level.

Resulting listings show a school's administrative headquarters. However, schools may be based in one city but offer programs elsewhere. Online and/or distance-learning components may also be available. View the profile for any school you are considering to see the locations where programs are actually offered.

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