Accredited Programs by Location

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While all accredited programs go through a rigorous accreditation process, the programs still vary widely in approach and experience.  IAYT thus strongly recommends that you take considerable care in finding the right yoga therapist training program for you, and don't necessarily limit yourself geographically.

Use the search below to find schools with accredited programs and review their profile for more details. 

It is recommended that you use the broadest search to find programs; e.g., enter Country, Location (State or Province) to find programs. You can then use the "Map These Results" link.

You can use the "Accredited Program Location" field to directly enter the name of a city. The school may be based in another city, but offer programs elsewhere. If your search returns no results, broaden your search as noted above.

IAYT has made every reasonable effort to ensure that accredited program locations are accurate and current, but please double-check this information directly with the schools. You can access the school's website from their profile.

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